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View the "New in LI Contour versions 7.x " PDF file.
(Registered users can update from pre-version 7.0 to version 7.2 for $120.)
(Registered users of version 7.0 or 7.1 can update to version 7.2 for $50.)

Download the free demonstration version of LI Contour here.

LI Contour is a simple, easy-to-use computer program specifically designed to generate contour maps from coordinate data.

X, Y, Z coordinates may be input either by hand or loaded from coordinate files previously stored on disk. The field surface is modeled using the triangulation method. LI Contour's triangulated digital terrain model is extremely accurate. Nevertheless, breaklines may be defined for any areas on the surface model that need to be adjusted.

Those who are creating contour maps from survey data, including:

        Surveyors - Civil Engineers - Architects
        Land Shaping Contractors - Drainage Contractors
        Agricultural Engineers - Soil Conservation Service
        State Highway Departments - Corps of Engineers
        Mining Engineers - Forestry Departments

LI Contour's graphics are fast, accurate, and flexible. All maps may be quickly previewed on the screen during editing, and prior to printing, plotting, or transferring to CAD programs. 3-D maps may be viewed from any user specified position.

  • Triangulated digital terrain model
  • Breakline capabilities
  • Ability to load and save border and breakline information from/to ASCII files
  • Full featured coordinate editor
  • Powerful 2-D or 3-D interactive graphics including:
            contour maps
            surface grid maps
            point plots and more
  • English or metric units
  • Capacity for over 32,000 data points
  • Contour line smoothing
  • Dashed contour lines
  • In-line contour labels
  • User specified decimal places for contour labels
  • Outputs maps to all Windows printer devices
  • Interfaces with popular CAD programs (AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Generic CADD, General CADD)

Would you like to be able to generate a contour map of 32,000 survey points in less than ten minutes on your first try? You can do it with LI Contour!

Would you like to have a contouring program that can pay for itself on the first job? You can do it with LI Contour!

Are you concerned about REDUCING start-up costs, training costs, and future re-training costs? You can do it with LI Contour!

Windows 95 or newer operating system required.
(95, 98, 98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, NT, 2000)

    *    Any printer supported by Windows
    *    Any plotter supported by Windows
CAD Program
    *    AutoCAD DXF files
    *    AutoSketch DXF files
    *    Generic CADD Batch files
    *    General CADD Macro files

Retail Price: $199.00
Update Price (From any version prior to v7.0): $120.00
Update Price (From version 7.0 or 7.1 to v7.2): $50.00
Upgrade to LI Contour V+ (same version): $100.00

LI Contour is priced very competitively. $199.00 buys one of the finest contouring programs on the market.

LI Contour brochure (PDF file)
LI Contour V+ Demonstration Program, free of charge

New in LI Contour versions 7.x (PDF file)
LI Contour complete version history (PDF file)