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View the "New in LI Contour versions 7.x" PDF file.
(Registered users can update from pre-version 7.0 to version 7.2 for $120.)
(Registered users of version 7.0 or 7.1 can update to version 7.2 for $50.)

Download the free demonstration version of LI Contour here.

The V+ option includes all capabilities of LI Contour, and adds the ability to calculate the volumetric difference between two surfaces. Output includes the total volumes of cut and fill, and a print out of the cut/fill amount at each data point.

  • Stock pile and pit volumes, and site design earthwork volumes are two basic applications.
  • Any application needing to compare one surface model to a second surface model, to calculate the volumetric difference between the surfaces.

Besides the ease-of-use and speed of LI Contour for general contour mapping and surface modeling, the V+ option adds simple-to-use, fast, and accurate volumetric capabilities. Since the volumetric calculations are a direct comparison of the two surface models, fast and accurate calculations can be performed. Intermediate generation of cross-sections or grid cells are NOT needed. Since no intermediate calculations or data transformations are performed, greater accuracy is maintained!

Retail Price: $299.00
Update Price (From any version prior to v7.0): $120.00
Update Price (From version 7.0 or 7.1 to v7.2): $50.00
Upgrade from LI Contour to LI Contour V+ (same version): $100.00

LI Contour V+ is the only stand-alone program on the market that combines contour mapping and volumetric calculations in one small, fast, low cost package!

LI Contour V+ brochure (PDF file)
LI Contour V+ Demonstration Program, free of charge

New in LI Contour versions 7.x (PDF file)
LI Contour complete version history (PDF file)