About us

Incorporated in 1977 and located in Lincoln, Nebraska, A B Consulting Co. has developed topographic analysis software since 1983.

Our flagship program, LANDIMPROVE, was initially developed for the sole purpose of helping land improvement contractors level land for agricultural flood irrigation. After the initial development of our triangulated surface model technic we were able to quickly generate contour maps. That's when the land surveyor and civil engineering markets began getting interested in our software.  Because of their interest we ventured into porting our maps into CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs. We also kept developing LANDIMPROVE into a flexible surface model and volumetric design program.

In March of 1989 we introduced the LI Contour program. Since many surveyors and civil engineers were purchasing our LANDIMPROVE program for the sole purpose of generating contour maps, we decided to create LI Contour. LI Contour is a much simplified "little brother" of LANDIMPROVE. It's only purpose is to generate contour maps.

Very quickly after LI Contour started getting popular, many surveyors were asking for a simple program that could calculate stock pile volumes. We then created LI Contour V+ which added surface-to-surface volumetric capabilities to LI Contour. LI Contour V+ has since become our best selling program to date!