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Download the free demonstration version of LANDIMPROVE here.

LANDIMPROVE is a topographical surface modeling, analysis, and design program. A triangulated surface model provides the foundation for powerful contour mapping, volumetric calculation, and surface model design capabilities. Both 2-D and 3-D graphics are provided during data editing and mapping.

  • Triangulated digital terrain model - allows random survey pattern
  • Breakline capabilities - helps improve the accuracy of the surface model
  • Ability to load and save breakline information from/to ASCII files
  • Full featured coordinate editor
  • Powerful 2-D and 3-D interactive graphics including:
         Contour maps
         Cut/fill contour maps
         Surface grid maps
         Point plots and more
  • English or metric units
  • Capacity for 5400 data points
  • Contour line smoothing
  • Dashed contour lines
  • In-line contour labels
  • User specified decimal places for contour labels
  • Plotter support for CalComp, Hewlett Packard, and Houston Instruments plotters
  • Interfaces with popular CAD programs
  • Plotter spool files

  • Full graphic editing of surface model, including ability to "design" a proposed surface.
  • Easy subfield specification.
  • Comparison of any two surfaces for cut/fill volumetric calculation.
  • Plane surface design - Calculates the plane of "best fit" or the plane required by your cut/fill ratio, slope constraints, and elevation constraints.
  • Optimum haul pattern/cost determination for cut/fill earthwork.
  • Ability to calculate grid information, (elevations, cut/fill amounts) from random survey data.
  • Ability to calculate row/lane cut/fill volumes from random survey data.

LANDIMPROVE’s goal is to allow you to interactively utilize your experience and expertise to create the designs and evaluations you need for your work!

LANDIMPROVE provides many tools for surface model manipulation/design. With over 20 years of development behind it and suggestions from many users, LANDIMPROVE has become an extremely powerful and flexible, surface modeling program. It is very competitively priced at $999.00. For more information or to order the program, contact us:

LANDIMPROVE brochure (PDF file)
LANDIMPROVE Demonstration Program, free of charge